Monday, December 08, 2008

World Of Warcraft Obsession

Hubby was on a layoff last week, and since we both enjoy playing World of Warcraft, that's basically all we did the whole week. There were a couple days in a row when we just stayed in our jammies.

Over the week I made a few different kinds of homemade soup and we'd just warm up leftovers when we got hungry.. maybe adding some crackers or a sandwich on the side. We kept the pets fed, the dishes washed and the bed made.

One day he ventured out to the store. He didn't buy any Wayfarer sunglasses, though. I think he bought a loaf of bread and some juice. While he was gone I may have tidied up a bit and ran the vacuum.

I'm not sure.

The reason I'm not is because my mind is always on the game. World of Warcraft. I am obsessed with playing it.

I've heard "obsession" described as anything that keeps you from things you would (should?) normally be doing. Like um.. living life? Maybe.

When we do break away, to watch a DVD or a TV show, I see things that remind me of the game. I wonder how much "armor" a person's clothes are. If I see someone on a horse I think "oh, they must be over level 30." My dreams are filled with Warcraft type settings and "goals."

In all fairness though I am NOT obsessed with leveling my character(s). Of course I DO work on that but it's not like I have to max them out NOW or anything. If anything I work harder on the professions on the one I've recently been playing. She skins animals for leather and collects herbs then sells them at the game's Auction House to make money.

Ok. I just realized it's not her professions I'm so much obsessed with. It's the making of money. You see, in the past with all our other characters, we've cheated and bought game money from websites that provide that service. Yep. We spent hubby's hard earned REAL money to purchase fake game money. (Talk about obsession! Sheesh!!!) We did this because we were too lazy to have our characters go out and earn it.

When I made this most recent character I was determined to play her with no outside help. I'm doing a really good job of it, too. She's now level 58 and has over 2300 G (money/dollars). That's a lot for her level for those of you unfamiliar with the game. It's a lot for almost any level actually.

So anyway. Hubby has gone back to work today but might take half a day off. I'll know in a few hours. I'm up way too early because I couldn't sleep.

I created another new character last night. A Death Knight. Maybe I'll play her for a while.


Mom Knows Everything said...

I haven't played that yet, but I keep meaning to try it out.

ShannonW said...

I have a Tauren Death Knight named Deathbymoo. She is only lvl 60 because I have been focusing on my Druid. I also need to level my Paladin, Hunter and Priest from lvl 70 to lvl 80! LOL

Anonymous said...

I've done that with games I've played, too. The two worst have been The Sims 2 & Champions. I'm just worried that when I'm no longer internet/'Puter Room/financially challenged, WoW will be obsolete. *sigh*

Carrie said...

Just remember, you need about 6k each for flying and epic flying at 70.. :D

Sounds like you won't have too much trouble with that though!