Monday, April 27, 2009

Heads Or Tails #88 - Down On The Farm

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I still remember the line from the first book I learned to read.. The Cat In The Hat. "Put me down said the fish..." I've forgotten the rest. Come on.. that was 45 years ago!

It wasn't until I read Charlotte's Web that I realized the power of GOOD books. I bet I could pick it up today and feel the same I did way back when.

Weren't we all fearful Wilbur would lose his life? Weren't we amazed when the words showed up in the web just in time? Templeton was a little scary, I admit that. But Charlotte! What can we say about Charlotte???

She taught us (without us realizing) that we can work together despite our differences. That race, color, religion, etc. can be overlooked when enough love and understanding is involved.

We need more Charlottes in the world, don't you think?




Sue said...

We have a copy of Charlottes Web, and I read it to all three kiddos as they grew up. It is definitely a classic :) Happy HOT day Skittles :)

Mom Knows Everything said...

Aurora has that exact same book (the same cover I mean). When I first saw this theme I couldn't help but think of Misty...hmmm wonder why? LOL

anthonynorth said...

We exercise the body to keep healthy, but so many don't realise that reading is exercise for the mind.
It's so important.

Autumn said...

One of my favorite books. Despite the fact that the main character was an arachnid. *shudder*
Truly a story of utter selflessness. But it'll have to come 2nd (in my mind) to
"The Giving Tree."

Karen said...

I hadn't thought about Charlotte's Web for a long time. It is a classic.

Sonshu said...

Hi skittles! I participated directly on the site! And go chk out this link as i have awarded you! Go take your award! Follow the rule of the rule of the award too!

Le Butterfly said...

Definitely is a great book.

I think of the farm as a learning and healing place.

Hootin Anni said...

When I read the story, I didn't get much of anything to it, until I saw the movie! Then, it made me go back and re-read it.

I wrote about my grandparents farm today.

Happy Tuesday Barb.

Grace said...

I READ all the time, but alas.. C's Web is (gasp) one that I never read. Wonder why? And I am not sure if my kids read either, I may have to go to the library. Oh, I will, after I go see my daughter play some soccer and try to kick a goal.... brb

bcmomtoo said...

I loved that book when I read it!

Love Tim McGraw, too. Thanks for the video!

Misty DawnS said...

One of the greatest books EVER! Even if it does involve a pig *giggle*

I almost posted this SAME song... gmta!

*WARNING* *WARNING* Visiting either of my HoT posts will result in your falling in love and telling your husband you're getting a new pet ;-P

Jean at Penny Lane said...

Great post.
That book is a classic.
As always, thanks for the entertainment.

Not Hot Mama said...

One of the greatest books ever! The kids and I read it together at least twice a year!

valmg said...

We do need more Charlottes. That's always been one of my most favorite movies and it still makes me cry.

Lucy said...

awww the soft sweet side of hilarious skittles! love u!