Friday, April 03, 2009

Just A Quickie

Just a quickie..
About how many calls from telemarketers do you get in a week?


I'll answer this one myself. My phone rings a lot every day. Unfortunately when I look at the Caller ID I see it's a toll free number and I will let it ring. At least that's what I used to do. Now I pick it up and wait until they tell me to push 9 to speak with a live representative. Then I politely ask them to remove me from their calling list.

What bugs me is one of the ones I get the most is a recording telling me this is the last second chance we will have to review our insurance. Last second chance? What? I've told them about a dozen times to take me off their list and they always assure me they will. But they don't.

Today I was feeling a little "testy" when they called. I pushed 9 to speak with a live representative then I told her not so politely to take me off their f'ing list and I hung up.

I bet they call me back tomorrow.


Rebecca said...

Hehe - as an Ex-Telemarketer I feel I have the special DUTY (yes, it is my responsibility) to mess with these people. I let them give me their speech, I'll twist their words around and have on several occaisions pissed them off so bad that they've hung up on me - all the while I'm laughing my a$$ off!! ;-0

Misty DawnS said...

Tell them they're interrupting your vaccuuming your lampshades, dangit!!!

Jeni said...

I signed up with the "do not call" list a couple years back and since then, we only get an occasional call from a charity organization now and again. Now, I wish I could get a reprieve from the constant bill collectors calls though. I know, I know -pay up and they will shut up. But the ones that really irk me are the ones with the automated dialing that doesn't have a recording or a person on the line immediately and I'm never sure if it's one of my kids calling on their cellphone and they just went into a non-service area or some such. Anyway, wish I could get the bill collector calls to cease and desist but since they are for my daughter and sil, I have no control over that aspect at all! Rats.

Tricia said...

Too many! Of course, one is too many. I just don't bother with them, who has the time. I like Misty's idea though, bet that would leave them speechless for a moment.

Tabbikat's Thoughts

Erika Jean said...

next time, get the representative, and then promptly ask for the manager ;-)

I don't get any calls trying to sell stuff- we ave no home phone and I don't give my cell out that often.... but ever since I moved to AZ I get calls from collection agencies asking for the same lady. They have FINALLY started to wind down - because I always as for a supervisor and make sure my name is off the list, I get there name and tell them that If I get another call from their company I will let them know it was HIS fault! lol

Mom Knows Everything said...

I get them all the time. I HATE IT!!!