Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Crazy Questions

Lani asked me to help her launch her meme called Monday Crazy Questions. Since she has played Heads Or Tails a couple times I thought I would give it a go.

This week's questions involve my love life. Can we just laugh now and get it over with? Anyone who reads my blog (all two of you) know my love life can be quite rocky. Of course, friendship and love are still the foundation. Except when I'm mad. *Blink*
  1. You are driving down the street and you see the person you are dating/married to/living with walking down the street with a member of the opposite sex and it is someone you don't know...What do you think? What do you do?

    I think it must not be Mr. Skittles. He drives everywhere.

  2. The person you are dating/living with is spending a lot of time at the office these days after normal hours. Do you show up at work or call to see if he/she is there?

    Nah.. I know he's there.. or else stopped at the store to get bread and wandered over to the tool department.

  3. How would you handle it if they are not at the office where they said they would be?

    I'd think he stopped at the store, etc. etc. etc.

  4. Someone keeps calling and hanging up when you answer the phone while you are at home with your mate or at a date's house. Do you get suspicious?

    Wait. I have a date? Oh.. that's not what it meant. Ok.. if I'm at home with Mr. Skittles I'd think it was telemarketer who remembered calling me before and got scared and hung up.

  5. You have been hinting around for a little fun in the bedroom but the person you are dating or living with is obviously ignoring the hints. It's been a LONG time. How do you handle that?


  6. You're having a relationship with someone who disappears for a few days and is just not around when you call them at times with no real explanation. You have agreed that you will not date others. What do you think is going on?

    Hypothetically I'd get worried or pissed.

  7. You are at a party with a date/mate, and a member of the opposite sex is quite obviously interested in you and keeps giving you the "look". Do you look back?What do you do?

    I probably would. I mean Mr. Skittles looks at tools when he goes to get bread.

  8. Describe your dream mate of the opposite sex. Use a photo if you wish.


Lana said...

LMAO I have had several laughs this morning reading these... I loved your answers! Especially 5 and 8 LOL

Thanks for playing!!!!!!!!hope to see ya next week!

Grace said...


maggie said...

I think I see a theme with Lani's questions.....

Lucy said...

love this! kermie?? you kinky hot buttah u! xox

Lana said...

Maggie..Ya think??? LOL

Misty DawnS said...

I cracked up laughing at your answer to #7.

But... I thought Kermie got swine flu from the pig???