Monday, June 08, 2009

Prescription For Caring

Today is my appointment to see my doctor. I know he will be writing a prescription for Chantix to help me stop smoking. He's also going to be reviewing my diabetes and help me come up with a way to better manage it. (Maybe offer me one of the top 10 diet pills?) Diet is surely going to be one of the things he talks about.

I really like my doctor and that's important. I've had ones in the past that seemed to be in such a rush. Move 'em in, move 'em out. This one always acts like you're the only patient he has to see that day. If I have something to mention that wasn't the primary reason for the visit, he will listen. He calls me Miss Barb. How are you today, Miss Barb?

Sometimes he's funny. One thing I brought up on a visit for a different reason was my stomach not appreciating me drinking Slim Fast. (I have a bit of a problem with milk products at times.) I was expecting a prescription for lactose intolerance or something. Instead he told me to stop drinking it. *Smack forehead*

Whatever the visit today hold in store for me, at least I know he listens and cares.

Do you like your doctor?


Misty DawnS said...

Ummmm I don't have a doctor *hiding*

But I'm glad that yours is a good guy!

Grace said...

Yes I do. Well, most of them. The GP - yes, the GYN - yes, the Dentist - yes. The others... they are okay. I won't stay a patient of a doc where I don't feel I'm getting the right service or the personality doesn't click.

Oh... if you are still doing the slim fast thing... watch for an email from me... this product is way better... and I have that lactose issue too... no problem with this stuff.

Coffee Slut said...

I love my doctor ....he rocks!

About Chantix ...get ready for some very strange dreams!

Autumn said...

She's alright...when I can actually see her. I had one Dr. in my life (that I can recall) that actually treated me like a thinking, feeling person & she left the state. I was tempted to follow her.

Lucy said...

so glad u found one u like barb.
I like mine but she is NeVER available.
I always get the 'on call bonehead"
Hope the app't.went well

ShannonW said...

I like the doctor I have been seeing since moving to Wisconsin. He actually listened to my problems and offered a variety of solutions. I opted for surgery an feel much better now.