Monday, July 27, 2009

Bored Yet?

I suppose the two or three of you who still read my blog are getting bored of my talk about quitting smoking. (I could be talking about phentermine reviews.) Quitting smoking is my main focus right now, so that's what I'm blogging about.

Here's my progress report.. I used to smoke, at times, up to two packs a day. For nonsmoking folks that's almost forty(!!!) cigarettes a day. Yesterday I smoked five. This number had risen dramatically recently with a stressful event. I haven't had any more stressful events since then to test my resolve. Knock wood.

I've switched from the lozenges to the patch. I've bought Dum Dum suckers to simulate the hand to mouth movement. The problem with these of course is the caloric intake, but I rationalize that against the detrimental effect of smoking.

This is not easy, this quitting. The nicotine replacement is good, but it is not the main problem for me. I suspect it's not for a lot of people who quit. It's the hand to mouth thing but even more it's the habit of smoking at certain times of the day.

Saturday night me and Mr. Skittles drove the block (lazy us) to Walmart to get a few things including the patch for me. As I got into the car I wanted to grab a cigarette. As a small panic attack started standing in the check out line I thought about excusing myself, going outside and lighting a cigarette. Getting back in the car I wanted to light one. Coming into our apartment I wanted one. And on and on and on.

Each time I would normally light up and then can't stops me and makes me think about quitting. It brings about a deprivation response. I'm not good at deprivation. I'm like the girl in Willy Wonka.. the one who says, "I want it nowww." I need to change my thinking into 'I may want one, but quitting is better for me and saves enough money that I don't have to sell my car'.

How hard can THAT be?


Grace said...

40 down to 5? FANTASTIC! Sell the car.. walk... that will give you exercise and take away that temptation to smoke.... nah... forget the exercise... LOL
That's an 85% reduction... WTG Barb!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

keep up the good work. besides we have to have a fit once and awhile.
thats like me with food.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

keep up the good work. besides we have to have a fit once and awhile.
thats like me with food.

Misty DawnS said...

It's very VERY hard - and you are doing wonderfully!!!

Berni said...

No not bored yet.

Your struggle with cigarettes is the same as anyone with any type of addiction so we can all relate. I have to realize that most of the time I want food I don't need it. That is an addiction too.