Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A New Habit

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One of the things people like me who are quitting smoking face is trying not to gain weight in the process. I suppose instead of smoking some or most people will turn to food to satisfy that hand to mouth habit. I suppose those folks may think about buying diet pills if the weight thing gets out of control.

Just to be different I have a new habit forming. I've been using those Commit lozenges. You're supposed to put one between your gums and cheek and let it dissolve slowly. I did that in the beginning. After a few days though it was up near the roof of my mouth and I was moving it around like one would with a piece of hard candy. This of course makes it dissolve a lot more quickly. It's Cappuccino flavor though and it's yummy.

So after a quick run to Walmart last night I have something new to do in between the Commit lozenges. It's called sugar-free Werther's candy. Also yummy but without that sudden rush of nicotine.


Speaking of Walmart.. Yesterday I did a post about peeling back a price sticker from something I'd bought there and finding a lower price underneath. An anonymous commenter pointed out several reason why this may have happened and encouraged me to be nice to Walmart employees. I thank anonymous for the explanation and I'm always nice to employees everywhere.

Unless you count talking their ears off.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Remember what ever goes down also goes up.

Berni said...

I will have to look for those Werther's candies I like those but can't eat them I didn't know they came without sugar.

I don't think it is just Walmart that mess around with the stickers.

Misty DawnS said...

I LOVE Werther's candy!

Hover Investigations said...

Baskin Robbins sugar free candies taste just like the icecream. Weird texture because you expect it to be cold and creamy. but yummy.