Monday, August 17, 2009

Silly Hannah

Our puppy Hannah is almost 8 months old now and weighs 66 pounds. We took her to the vet for a routine appt. last week so we know. She still has some issues that need work and we are enrolling her in a different puppy training than the crappy class we got at Pet Smart. (At least they were nice enough to refund our money.)

And we ARE smart enough to know that issues she has are because we have done something wrong or not done something we should have. Some people don't know that or don't acknowledge it.

However... She did something the other night that was hilarious to me but will most likely lose something in the telling of it. If only I had more system memory or a video camera next to my bed.. oh hush ya'll!!! I do NOT!!!

I always stay up a little while after getting in bed to watch some tv and maybe have a snack. Lately it's been pistachio nuts. The snack does not figure into this story though. What does figure in is Hannah Banana and how she's so much like a little kid after Mr. Skittles has gone to sleep.

She's supposed to be on her bed mat on the floor but she'll get up and run out somewhere and grab a toy and bring it back. She does this enough times so most of her toys end up in the bedroom. I quietly giggle at her as she does this.

After all the toys have been brought into the bedroom she picks one she think I may want and brings it to my side of the bed. If she lets me take it, I'll give it a little toss. Just enough to make her think I'm playing instead of watching tv. After I've watched my nighttime shows, the light goes off and I roll onto my side to go to sleep.

The other night Hannah wasn't ready for me to do that.

I sleep facing the middle of the bed, so my back is towards the edge. I know Hannah has not gone to her bed because I hear a little whine behind me. I tell her "Shhhh.. go ni-nite." She's quiet for a minute then whines again and I repeat what I said. Then I think.. if I don't talk to her she'll give up and go to her own bed. HAH!

I feel her put her front feet on the foot of the bed so I kind of roll over to see what she's doing. There she is.. front feet on the bed standing as tall as she can with her back legs still on the floor. She's craning her neck to see if I'm really sleeping or not.

I lost it and broke into laughter so hard I thought sure Mr. Skittles would wake up. He didn't though, but could picture it perfectly the next day when I told him. =)


Misty DawnS said...

Send her to me - she can sleep on the bed with me :-D She's so funny (and beautiful)

Autumn said...

I get similar activity, but at least it's in the morning. Seven will lick a foot or hand & whine a bit. Annie will hop right up & get into my face, so I wake up to a whiskery nose & puppy kisses. It's hard to be irritated. :)

Jan said...

Awwww what sweet memories she's making with you. .Cherish them. I no longer have pets and I miss them. But they just don't fit into the picture for now. :sigh:

Anonymous said...

I can see my mom's dog doing that to her...especially because the other dog sleeps with then every night.

Mom Knows Everything said...

Hehehe...awww too cute!