Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Remains

The hard physical part of moving is done. Most of the unpacking is even done. I have enough empty boxes to make a bunch of cardboard displays for Halloween, but I think I'll pass on that this year.

What remains is what I started this whole process with.. mental/emotional wear and tear. It will take me a while to overcome the newness of everything. The change in routine. To regain a semblance of the stability I had before. Such as it was.

In the past I probably would have written more extensively.. detailing what's going on with me. I don't have much of a blogging bug lately so I won't. I'm hardly on Facebook and am not playing World Of Warcraft at all.

Most of the time I sit on the front porch watching the neighborhood and neighbors. I'm starting to feel like James Stewart in Rear Window.

My daughter heads home tomorrow after a three week stay here helping me out. She will be missed. A Lot.


masgblog said...

but you are in your own place.....your own space....that is special...the rest will follow

Berni said...

That is kinda nice to have a porch to sit on and watch the neighbourhood go by. The rest of the sorting you can do whenever. I have been a bit tired of blogging lately and have had quite a bit to do anyway. I value my internet friends but would like to have an actual in the face friend too, but few and far between here plus there are no neighbours to watch go by.

Technodoll said...

Moving is exhausting and takes a long time to recover from... heck I still have boxes to unpack 3 months after the move!

Sigh. One day at a time, right?

Grace said...

I just need to know... is your leg broken and do you have binoculars? LMBO.

Glad you are moved in. I know you will succeed in your new place and routine. I am proud of you and have the utmost faith that the emotional part of this will be over soon.

So with daughter leaving... does that mean it's my turn to come up with more dum dums?

Calico Crazy said...

You go Barb! Almost completely unpacked, I wish, we've been in the new house since mid July and it's still box city. You are doing great and the rest will follow.

Calico Contemplations

Forgetfulone said...

Glad your daughter is going to be able to come. Instead of Rear Window, why don't you imagine you're on Andy Griffith's front porch? That would bring me a peaceful feeling!

Anonymous said...

Last night while we were sitting on the porch.. you thanked me for all that I have helped you with. But.. I never thanked you back.. you don't know it.. but you helped me with alot as well. Thank You!! It's hard leaving after being here for so long. I guess you never really out-grow the need for wanting your mommy..

I'm sure it will make you cry.. but you will understand the meaning behind it and then it will make you smile =)

I love you Mommy!!!! ^_^

Terri said...

Awww geeezzzz just the above post is making me teary!
You know its ok to just sit and take in all the newness.... just don't be like Mrs. Kravitz!! lol

Jeni said...

Take your time -take all the time you want or need or think you want or need -to get settled in the new place. After all, it's all yours so you can do completely as you please with it now. That way, you'll appreciate your home that much more because it will be a full reflection of yourself then.
We ended up with six kittens Friday night. They seem to be doing fine and the Mama cat is very settled, very nice and accommodating too of Maya and Kurtis and their "visits" to see the new kittens. They're doing pretty good about not touching them all over, all the time too, so maybe that helps Mama to relax more too.