Monday, October 26, 2009

Heads Or Tails #112

I'm using the theme from April 29, 2008 - Share a special memory. Wednesday is the 4th wedding anniversary for me and Mr. Skittles. I thought I'd retell how we met.

It was August 2000. I was in a chat room where music files were being traded. I noticed a man was taking a lot of the songs I was sharing and that his screen name was Mikester.

Ok.. I have to back up a year. I was in a different chat room almost a year before when an online friend of mine told me within a year I would meet a man named Michael and that he would be the man of my dreams. I had pretty much forgotten that prediction until I saw .. MIKESTER in the music sharing chat room.

Back to where I was.

I started paying attention to his coming and going. I saw he lived near Detroit. Across the state from me. He didn't talk much and when he did he was polite. I struck up a conversation with him starting with the story of the prediction. We hit it off right away. So much so that he suggested we meet in person after three weeks. He drove across the state September 9 to take me to lunch.

Within a short time we were engaged. He still drove across the state every weekend, holiday and vacation for five years before he got the courage to marry me. He says he doesn't regret it. Marrying me, that is.

I know that prediction was right so long ago. He was and still is the man of my dreams.


Forgetfulone said...

What a great story! I met my husband online as well, very close to the same time frame. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Jenn said...

I also met my B/F ... one day to be hubby... online but thru blogger! LOL. Amazing how we can connect thru a medium that mostly leaves us blind! Congrats.

Clara said...

What a great story. I met the man of my dreams by dropping in unexpected at a friend's home. I happy for you that, like me, second time around you got the best.

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Jeni said...

Hope you and the Mikester have a really great anniversary celebration as well as many more to come too!

I thought I had met the man of my dreams back in 1998 -actually I had met him a number of years before that around 1981, when I first started working at a truckstop near here and he was a regular customer there -running a bid run between Toledo and Stroudsburg, PA. But Back then, he was married and was one of the few drivers I got to know who was actually faithful. But in 1997, his wife died and by early 1998, we had begun to "see" each other. A relationship that lasted from January through the end of October of 1998 and then, he suddenly decided he could no longer see me -no explanation, no nothing. I cried more over that break-up than I did when my ex-husband and I split up! Truthfully, it still makes me cry thinking about him even today -11 years after the fact. I truly thought he was the "ONE" for me. Still wish too that he had been but well, that's history, isn't it?

Later, Sunshine! and again
Happy Anniversary!!!

Mom Knows Everything said...

Awww what a wonderful story of how you met! I met my hubby in a bar...not the kinda story I wanna share with my kids eh. LOL

Christine and FAZ said...

Romance is alive and well. Happy Anniversary by the way.

Unknown said...

love story

Misty DawnS said...

What a great post! I have tears in my eyes. You guys are great together, ya know.

My HoT will be late.

Positive Pieces Prevail said...

I couldn't even finish watching this :(

Grace said...

Wonderful post Barbara... ya know something? I think you and your man are great together. I'm still praying for a dinner out on that wonderful day. And also, I think I need to go re-rent that movie... 'cause I really don't remember it and I'm way to young to be forgetting things like this.

Composing my HOTs now... (shusch... yes, while at work).

Calico Crazy said...

What a sweet memory, I'm so glad you have someone in your life that you feel this way about.

Calico Contemplations