Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Few Notes

In case anyone's wondering? I'm not all messed up over publishing that post last night. Sometimes the only way I can get things out of my head is to put the words down. I'm not 100% fine with it but Mr. Skittles and I talked about it before I wrote it and he brought me a glass of wine after I did to help calm my nerves.


The stairs are a huge success here. I'm SO happy we bought them. Hannah has a 20 ft. tie out and it's so nice to sit on the top step watching her sniff and frolic around. I have no fear whatsoever about sitting out there like that and that's a boost to my state of mind. It's not as open an area like the other door is.


I think we're getting ready to do some more painting today. We didn't paint the hall before moving knowing it might get nicks and scratches. It will go quickly after we tape off all the woodwork.


Tammy from Mom Knows Everything took the theme words I gave her and put them in the Themes area of Heads Or Tails and it's ready to start up again this coming Tuesday. She helps me so much over there and I always appreciate it.


We called in an order for take-out from Red Lobster last night. For the longest time I've been allergic to shellfish and I wanted to test things. Apparently I can now eat lobster, crab, clams and scallops without stopping breathing. YAY! I won't pay those prices for it again, though.

Where's the last place from which you got take-out food?


Berni said...

Glad you got help with the themes thing. I thought about emailing you that I would do it but then realized I am up to me ears with packing and I will be gone soon. Glad Tammy was able to help.

Nikki Neurotic said...

I had McDonald's yesterday when I was at work. I'm thinking of going to Panera Bread for dinner tonight as it's just me and I don't feel like making myself a sandwhich.

WithThanksgiving said...

I'm glad the stairs helped.

I do not like any take out that is expensive. If I'm going to pay alot of money I want someone to clean up the place after so I will go out and dine. So usually our only take outs are chinese food and pizza.

Calico Crazy said...

Last place we had take-out was a Chinese place, it was pretty good and not too expensive.

I'm so glad to hear that things are going well with Hannah, and that you are enjoying the outdoors with her. Every step counts.

Calico Contemplations

Smalltown RN said...

Pizza....I don't really like take out...I don't find you get your monies worth nor do I find the food as flavourful....

Forgetfulone said...

Looking forward to HoT! Glad you're doing well.