Saturday, November 07, 2009

Is It Enough

I have three other blogs. One of course is Heads Or Tails. I also have two that deal with my childhood abuse and other issues I deal with. I don't advertise them. Every once in a while though I get a comment on my blog Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Adult Survivors Of Child Abuse. I got one a little while ago.

I always say that if I can help just one person know they aren't alone with similar problems then my blogging about them is worth it to me. What I never say is the cost I pay. The flashbacks I get from my own abuse. The pain and empathy I feel for the person commenting get tied in with that. Yes, it's still worth it to me because I remember thinking I was the only person in the world suffering from memories of abuse.

Most everyone that has commented over there though gets the impression there will finally be resolution. I guess that's kind of how the very long post leaves things. Sure there will be a resolution of sorts with the right meds and therapy. It's my own opinion that one can never be cured. I mean look at me. 53 years old and still struggling. A single word or phrase can send me back in time even now.

It makes me wonder if that other blog then is misleading? Or is it enough to let people know they aren't alone?


Lucy said...

It's good to know they're not alone. You are doing a wonderful thing. Xox

Jeni said...

You know, I think the idea of meds being thought of as a "cure-all" for any kind of mental illness is a misleading thing to begin with. Gets some people feeling better and they think they are cured, so they stop with the meds. Now, if they thought of the mental illness problems as being like diabetes or hypertension -once diagnosed, you don't get cured, you just get stabilized and deal with it then from there on out, perhaps it would be a bit easier to comprehend.

But as to your base question -no doubt in my mind that for others to find your posts and just know that they are far from alone in the anguish these issues can cause would have to be a very valuable tool for them to have and to be able then to use too, perhaps!

Grace said...

You are a kind soul. To be that selfless to be willing to deal with your flashbacks and pain... to be willing to help even ONE person... that is great.

I do feel that just letting people know they are not the only one out there that is dealing with what they are dealing with... is enough. It's never misleading... it's called HOPE... something that we all need... for whatever reason.

ps. got your voicemsg... was at dinner... BTW, it was yummy... pistascho something... LOL