Thursday, January 07, 2010

Old School

We got ourselves a wii for Christmas. Then we took it back and got a PS3. Then we went back and got a wii.. keeping the PS3. So now we have the systems but I'm having trouble finding games I want and like to play. I'm an old school RPG player. It seems they don't make those anymore. The turn based ones.

We've been downloading demos. Lots and lots of demos. Of all kinds. Most suck. Some we suck AT. This morning we tried out the Wall-E game. We couldn't make it out of the first area. I looked online for a walkthrough and still couldn't make it out of the first area. Sheesh.

Mr. Skittles is a bit easier to please when it comes to games. He likes racing games. The way he drives in them I think he'd need the cheapest car insurance if it was offered. But, hey. It's all good and he usually wins. =)


angel6033 said...

I so wanted a Wii, lol I love the tennis game and stuff like that, but I really wanted to try out the workout games like the yoga.

Erika Jean said...

did you know u can download old game on the wii? pack man and old school mario are my favs. I could probably play them with my eyes lose :-)

Forgetfulone said...

I don't understand most of the games my son plays on xbox, which is probably why most of the games I play are on facebook!