Friday, July 02, 2010

Day One - Part One

I've always wanted to take a trip around Lake Michigan. Drive to the Upper Peninsula (U.P.), cross into Wisconsin, and drive back down through Chicago and back home. We just did that.

We left Tuesday around noon and were in the U.P. around 6:30. We spent some time in Mackinac City looking through the shops. We saw lots of nice things but not any irvingia.. whatever that is.

Here are a few pictures..

The entrance.

A view from the beach.

A Coast Guard ship.

Mr. Skittles takes pictures, too.


Anonymous said...

I love those big fluffy clouds. Beautiful scenery too.

ShannonW said...

That water looks so cool and refreshing!

Erika Jean said...

What a great idea for a trip! I love the boat shot!

Terri said...

Wish I was at the water now! It's HOT here! Great picture of Mike btw.

Misty DawnS said...

Those are AWESOME photos! I especially like the beach photo - it's GORGEOUS.