Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Out Of Mothballs

A while ago I did a post that included a link to electronic cigarettes. Now.. not all links I add here will be things I check into. Most aren't. But I did check the E-Cig page and mentally tucked the information away. I brought it out of mothballs a couple days ago when I decided to quit smoking again.

Normally Mr. Skittles will do the shopping and running of errands but there are a few things I need to go out for. Getting a haircut is one. Sooo.. Sunday found me in the car (with Mr. Skittles behind the wheel) and off to get a haircut at the local $12 hair place. After there we went to our pharmacy to pick up a prescription and a few other odds and ends.

In the same strip mall as our pharmacy is a smoker's shop. I bet you were wondering how E-Cigs would tie in with a haircut! I get there eventually. And look! Here I am! So, I'll continue... We decided to go in and look around. Maybe see if they sold the E-Cigs which had come out of mothballs recently. They did. We bought some.

My plan (yes, I have a plan) goes as follows:

I still have three packs of real cigarettes here. I don't carry them with me anymore and only smoke in my designated area. I use the E-Cig in between and as my real cigarette usage decreases, the E-Cig usage will increase. This part of my plan is already working. Yay.

But won't I then become dependent on E-Cigs? Ahhh.. here come the next part of my plan:

The E-Cigs come in degrees of strength. High, medium, low & zero levels of nicotine. I'm starting out at medium which is similar to the nicotine in the brand of cigarettes I am quitting. When I feel ready I will go down to the low level and then zero level and step back into the use of Commit lozenges and then quit the E-Cigs and use the lozenges alone. (The lozenges have varying degrees of level, too and I will decrease those.)

I'm not sure how long each part of my plan will take. Probably as long as I feel like it should and until I'm ready to move on.


Anonymous said...

go Barb! This is wonderful!

Jeni said...

I think the "E-cig" thing is the only method to trying to quit smoking that I have NOT, as yet, tried! How expensive are those things, anyway? Might be worth a shot in the dark, don't 'cha think?